Four tet - there is love in you

Mark Richardson of Pitchfork wrote that There Is Love in You "always has just enough going on to pull you back in any time you feel like relegating it to the background" and "works best taken whole, rather than broken into individual tracks". [12] Ben Thompson of The Observer felt that the album "captures all that was special about dance music's mid-90s heyday". [11] In a mixed review, NME ' s Louise Brailey felt that There Is Love in You peaks early with "Love Cry", and that Four Tet "fails to move forward on a nevertheless lovely seventh album". [10] Robert Christgau , in his Consumer Guide column for MSN Music , gave the album a one-star honorable mention rating, indicating "a worthy effort consumers attuned to its overriding aesthetic or individual vision may well like". [17] [18]

Which brings us to the tail end of the last decade, which saw Hebden making one of his most unexpected moves yet: taking up residences in London clubs The End and Plastic People. Although his globe-trotting eclecticism is in full display in some of his recent DJ sets, the textures of There Is Love In You , his newest LP, are more limited in scope. There are more disembodied bits of vocal samples and layered synth arpeggios, and less material from African drum circles and folk records. The rhythmic pulse has lost none of its flexibility or complexity, but where the longer exploratory pieces on earlier albums would make restless shifts in direction, willing to fall apart at a moment’s notice, the rhythmic heartbeat on these pieces throbs with persistence. “Sing,” for example, piles an ever-shifting, shimmering array of female vocals and percussive synthesizer beeps atop a loop that sounds like it was written with a dance floor in mind.

Four Tet - There Is Love In YouFour Tet - There Is Love In YouFour Tet - There Is Love In YouFour Tet - There Is Love In You